New to shotcut having an audio issue

Hi I just found this wonderful program and I really like it except that I am having an audio issue. When I open a clip in shotcut it sounds just fine, but when I drop it on the timeline it sounds all choppy. will this horrible choppy sound transfer into the finished video? how can I get rid of it? Any help I can get on this will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: A blue announcement popped up in the shot cut window saying there was an update available so downloaded and installed the update and choppy audio gone! Happy camper here :slight_smile:

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Hi Frances,
Although I’m not (so far) an experienced user of Shotcut, but very experienced with audio editing, I would say not to worry about choppy audio when played back in Shotcut, it will come out fine when your video is rendered.
Think about what you are expecting your CPU to do - play an audio track and video together, plus cope with other editing instructions, and running the program etc… It’s highly intensive.
A rendered video will ask much less of your CPU, and even more so the smaller size your rendered video is… So bear this in mind when editing - it’s normal.