New "Record Audio" button does not work?

Hello everyone.
The new “Record Audio” button does not work on my computer (windows 10 64bit). The track is created correctly but no audio stream is created. Is this a bug?
Thanks in advance,

It works for me.
Windows 10

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Maybe you didn’t specify what is the source of your audio

Open Other > Audio/Video Device.



Thank you very much for the reply.
I just tried with 2 differents headsets: the voice recording works fine on the windows 10 voice recorder, but the voice is apparently not recognized in shotcut: is there a settings to make to recognize the microphone in shotcut? It’s very strange.
Thanks in advance

@MusicalBox thanks a lot, it works !

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I added Settings > Audio/Video Device… for the next version to make it more obvious how to change it. When you use this, it does not try to open the audio or video device immediately afterward like Open Other does (as it should). Of course, that approach (Settings) has less verification that the devices are working as expected with correct levels and camera direction. However, it is still in Open Other for that.


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