New cursor behavior in 23.12.15 is unfortunate

I just installed 23.12.15 and found that you can no longer click below the tracks to move the cursor. Now you are forced to click on the narrow time strip. This behavior should either be optional or set back to the way it has always been before. (Yes, I’m aware that you can move the cursor by grabbing it but I also like to click to instantly move it.)

Hi @Cal_Turney
It is optional
Please read this discussion:

Settings > Timeline > Rectangle selection

The problem is that in versions before 23.12.15, if you clicked in the blank space below the final track, the cursor moved to that location. Now you have to click in the narrow timeline. The new behavior should be optional and the prior cursor behavior should be available.

I’m aware of the use of a triangle to select multiple clips.

Either there is something I don’t understand in your suggestion, or you didn’t read everything in the links we gave you.

YOU CAN revert back to the old behavior.
Just disable the Rectangle Selection option in Settings > Timeline.

I think that’s what @Cal_Turney is saying.

The problem is that the cursor does not move back and forth between clips with a single click.

SC v23.12.15

It never did; it only does that on double-click.

But as seen in the video, it happens in a clip.?

You have drag scrubbing turned on. When clicking a clip you may wiggle a little to cause it to drag leading towards a move, but not enough to overcome snapping. That too hasn’t changed.

Yes. I tested some more. It doesn’t always happen anyway. Depending on the position of the cursor, it goes to some clips… not all. For example, I came across a clip somewhere in the middle of the video. Now to a closer clip…

In this case, this may be a separate bug. Kind regards.

The problem is that prior to the current rev, you could click in the area below the last track and the cursor would move to that position (i.e., the place where you clicked). It didn’t matter if it was one huge clip or several. It just moved to wherever you clicked. In the current rev, you must click within the narrow black timer ribbon above the first clip.

You seem to have a reading comprehension problem. I’m not going to change anything about this.