New audio gaining filter/plugin I could use?

Basically for one of my video projects there’s a clip that’s quiet and there’s a voice that needs to be heard but it’s too quiet to hear, I have used the gain volume filter to make it louder and it’s kind of worked but I’d like it to be a bit louder. is there another filter/plugin that I could download that can make the audio much louder than the highest setting of the gain volume filter has?

You haven’t mentioned which operating system you are using, we can’t assume any because Shotcut is multi-platform.

I am unaware of any downloadable filters for Shotcut.
You could use Audacity. The full installer allows you to edit the audio of a video file.

I’m using windows, but I think I might give Audacity a go, thanks!

You could try to EQ the audio to bring out the vocal frequencies. I don’t know if Shotcut has an EQ filter though.

Probably useful to actually check before posting don’t you think??

BTW: There is no EQ filter

True… and I did after I hit the reply button. Still EQ in another program would work, don’t you think?

Agreed, hence the suggestion to try Audacity :slight_smile: