New 17.11 snapd version doesn't launch

The question here is how to try to launch Shotcut from a terminal window to figure out why Shotcut won’t launch. Possibilities include path issues, library issues… etc. Without debug info it’s hard to figure out where the wheels are falling off.

Yes, I know the portable version works as it should.

I checked the list of required lib’s and packages. AFAIK, all of them are installed and current.

I have not yet published a snap for v17.11. There is another thread here where I will talk more about snap:

It sounds, to me, as though snap is simply not, for now, the best idea for installing Shotcut. NTL, what type-in do I need to start Shotcut from a snap installation? I’m still curious about seeing where the wheels fall off.

If you use nvidia binary X driver, then snap is notorious for having a problem with it in apps like Shotcut that need OpenGL. I added snap because some of its ideas are congruent with mine and the initial effort (snapcraft.yaml) was contributed. If all is setup correctly, all you need to do is type in shotcut (and which shotcut should show a path starting with /snap). Also, many app menu systems such as Unity Dash or Gnome Activites should show an app icon if you search for shotcut.

Does the command line version of Shotcut take arguments such as -v and -d to get some console-level reporting? For that matter, are the any log files to look at?

The snap version does show up in Activites. The problem, for me, was that clicking on it produced nothing visible.

I am running an Nvidia driver (384.98 IIRC) for a GTX 1050TI GPU.

ADDED: I just try to use the snap version - Shotcut is no longer found

The package was accidentally marked Private for a while. I fixed it now. Running “shotcut” at the command line (for snap-ed version as well) produces console output for me.

I figured what’s causing problems with the snap Shotcut:
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/apps/mate-panel.rc:30: error: invalid string constant “murrine-scrollbar”, expected valid string constant
No appenders registered with logger
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton language “en_US”
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton deinterlacer “onefield”
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton external monitor “”
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton GPU processing false
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton interpolation “nearest”
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton video mode “”
[Debug ] ShotcutSettings::singleton realtime true
[Info ] Application::Application Starting Shotcut version 17.11.04
[Info ] Application::Application Linux version
[Info ] Application::Application number of logical cores = 4
[Info ] Application::Application locale = QLocale(English, Latin, UnitedStates)
[Info ] Application::Application install dir = “/snap/shotcut/14/”
[Info ] Application::Application device pixel ratio = 1
libGL error: unable to load driver:
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme begin
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme end
[Debug ] MainWindow::MainWindow begin
[Warning] <> Unrecognized OpenGL version
[Warning] <> Unrecognized OpenGL version

Executive summary Nvidia’s V384.98 driver and OpenGL don’t play well together.

I assume that means the snap version (with a little nicer integration) is just not going to work? I looked for swrast with Synaptic and got no hits.

Actually, no, it is snap and nvidia’s driver that do not work well together when OpenGL is needed.

Thanks for clarifying that. It’s what I was trying to say: It’s not Shotcut, it’s snap that has the compatibility issue.

Are there alternative ways to distribute and integrate Shotcut, or does it become basically a distro by distro process? That is, a Ubuntu version, an OpenSUSE version, etc. Or is it a Gnome, KDE, etc. process? Anyway, given snap seems to break things rather well, maybe a Plan B is in order?