Negative Cropping/Add text below video to make 9:16 Insta Story Ad

I’m trying to make an Instagram story ad, and my original video is 1080p. I’ve cropped the video to 1080x1080, and now I want to ad text below the video to make it 1080x1920. The cropping filter doesn’t seem to let me use negative numbers to add 840 of blank space below.

I guess maybe I can export as 1080x1920 and then add the text the second time around, but looking for a better way.


Of course exporting centered it. I now have blank space at the top and bottom, but I guess that will work.

Before you start your project…
Settings, Video Mode, Custom, Add (Add Custom Video Mode)
My default is set at 1920x1080 (which is not what you want, I know).
Type in your custom name, settings, then you can go to Video Mode, Custom and it will show up to select.




I’m guessing that this going to center it also. I’d like to be able to control the top and bottom margins.

Size & Position filter.
I haven’t worked with this resolution before, but I’ve played a lot with this filter. You can position your video where you want it to go.

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Thanks! This helped me a lot!!