Need to put uncompressed VOB on a DVD

So there I am with my fabulous video, all ready to be burned onto a DVD. Except darned if I can get it done without making a visual hash of the video. The VOB is 1.2 Gb - fits on a DVD as is. Any DVD authoring tool I try insists on compressing down to about 256 Mb. Playing back an ISO of this compression… not acceptable. How do I get this video onto a DVD without turning it into a collection of pixilations?

Did you try something like that ?

ImgBurn is my go-to burner for a lot of things. It hasn’t a clue about VOB files.

I also tried WinX DVD Author, AVStoDVD, and DVD Flick. Either they didn’t recognize the file format or would only give a file compressed to about 25% of the original. It’s no surprise the images …um… were substandard.

The challenge isn’t so much how to burn a DVD as it is to burn one with the desired image quality.

DVD shrink will work for you I think. It’s very old software but still does a great job.

Find it here.

Try Nero test version

hello you can try also this.

DVD Shrink is effectively a dead item. DVD Flick (On Source Forge) is a branch project that’s supported and, AFAIK, still updated. Unfortunately, DVD Flick won’t even touch a VOB. It says it can’t find video in the file. Kinda useless as a screen door on a submarine…

DVD Shrink still exists. I mixed it and DVD Flick.DVD Flick is dead; DVD Flick V2 is the branch project. NTL it still won’t accept MPEG-2 video. See above re: screen door.

dvdstyler also seems to be clueless about VOB’s despite a comment to the contrary in the FAQ.

A further comment about all DVD burners: they all max out a 720 and won’t do 1080p. At least any of these apps do handle 1080p, they do a very good job of concealing that.

For at least this project 720 is… see screen door comment.

There must be a way to burn Shotcut projects, as-is, to a DVD. It’s just not obvious. grrr…

VOB to DVD seems to be turning into pushing on rope. I’m going to rephrase the question in a new topic.