Need help with Title

I just downloaded Shotcut and started on a project, added a video and a title, but all the options on the left panel are not there like showing in the youtube video, I can’t even select the text to move around. I notice that the text option is “Text: HTML” not simple “Text” like the instruction video. Let me know how to change it to Text so I can move it around the screen and make other changes. Thanks


The UI can be rearranged to your own liking. Using the default layout, as you open more panels, many of them are tabbed along the left side of the window. So, saying things like “left panel” is meaningless. You need to be specific and use the words shown in the Shotcut user interface.

I am going to assume you are talking about the Filters panel and mention that the default view only shows the Favorites, and there are some default favorite ones (you can learn to change which is favorite later). Click the other buttons next to it to see all of the video or all of the audio filters.

in the youtube video

There are literally thousands of videos showing Shotcut, and nearly all are going to look at least a little different.

not simple “Text” like the instruction video

The software grows and changes but rarely do old videos. The old filter named simply “Text” is now called “Text: Simple”.

Thanks for you help, greatly appreciated the quick response. :+1:

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