Need Help with Organic Camera Movement

Hello! I was wondering how to make my video a bit shaky. Not rigid, but like how a normal person tries to hold a heavy camera still but shakes it very slowly. An example would be normally found in something like The Amazing World of Gumball. Help would be appreciated!

YouTube keyword search: “shake shotcut”

Thank you for the reply, but sorry, it’s not what I’m looking for. I was looking for a more gentle camera movement but thanks!

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I played with this for a moment and got kinda close. I added a Size Position Rotate filter and set the zoom to 103%. This provides some edge buffer to rotate without showing black in the corners. Then I keyframed the rotation to rock one degree per two seconds. It looks okay, but like basic rotation. I tinkered with adding Lens Correction and keyframing center distortion to move 0.5% per second to simulate perspective distortion that would happen from a camera moving in real 3D space. It kinda worked but had a bad edge crawl that didn’t work if any sharp lines were in the footage. But it might work on some sources.

You have to modify the settings of the filter shown in the tutorial to get exactly what you want.

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