Need help in identifying effect name

I’m trying to find out what this particular effect is called. Basically, it’s when the video or image repeats infinitely both on x and y when the video/image reaches its end and not with black empty space. This is most noticeable when rotating a video.

Mirrored edge?

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When I rotate an image, it shows black empty space when the viewing window sees the ends of the image, I want to replace those black edges with the same image used but mirrored like this edited image.

in CSS I think they call them x-repeat and y-repeat

Two hacks come to mind, neither great…

  1. If CSS x/y-repeat actually works, then maybe an HTML effect can be created with WebVfx.

  2. Use GIMP to fill the black space in advance. If the source image is 100x100, then make a 300x300 image with the source image repeated nine times (3x3). Use Rotate & Scale or Size & Position filters to start the view on the center image of the nine at full-screen. Then, rotation will automatically reveal another copy in the black area because image data is actually there now.

Super hacky, but fast and works. :rofl:

That would be easy with an image,
but I don’t think that’s possible with a video.

Yeah, I hit Reply before writing the video version, sorry.

  1. For video, if the target resolution is 1920x1080, then create a custom video mode for 3x3 just like the photo version… 5760x3240. Use Shotcut to place nine copies of the same video (or different videos for a different interesting effect) in a 3x3 formation. Render that video to an intermediate or lossless format to retain high quality. Then import it into the main Shotcut project and do the same zoom/rotate shenanigans as above. This is uber-hack and not as fast, but works.
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WebVfx makes video from the engine appear in the web runtime as an image.

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