Mystifying. How does one activate the cut, copy, redo etc.?

How does one activate the editing features?

BTW, this site is so clunky that it makes me wonder if shotcut itself is some kind of malware.

Not a fool, I wondered why the cut, copy, and undo/redo were all greyed out.

So, I checked the FAQ, and found the entry that said editing without transcoding or encoding by the tool is not supported.

After exporting a file (as an earlier post by one of the software writers states, that is the new ‘encode’), the buttons remained stubbornly greyed out when I reloaded the exported file.

I am very offended by these accusations and refuse to help you.

Alright. I admit the comment abt. the site was rude, sorry., and that about the program inaccurate. However, I had spent quite some time trying to export files in various ways then re-open them, none switched the editing buttons on.

I did precisely what the FAQ says to do, and it did not work.

So it was late at night when I posted, I had been drinking, and was irritable due to what I say in the above sentence.

Serlously, I am a technical writer and translator, also have much programming experience (ML and metal-bashing C and C++, databases), I watched about a third of the U-tube ‘getting started’ tutorial and everything said was the obvious, and it was long-winded, . Scanned through the remainder, didn’t answer the simple question I had.

However, if you prefer to keep precisely how encoding or transcoding to switch the editing buttons on is done secret, fine.

The project could do with a concise written ‘Getting Started’ guide that explains the more cryptic aspects, such as that.

. . . continuing, the site really is clunky, so was cut off.

that explains. in concise written form, not the obvious things (how to use the frame navigation sliders, for over five minutes), but the cryptic things, like how to activate the editing buttons, since proceeding in response to the tiny reply on the FAQ does not work.

So the lesson here is don’t drink and post questions in forums, I suppose. Either way I don’t think your behaviour is excusable being drunk or not. Regarding the forum, I don’t have any complaint, it works ok for me in my Windows 10 workstation. It’s slow in my Android tablet but since the tablet is very old it’s acceptable.

After you export the files there is no way to edit the resulting video like before, it’s the “final cut”. Export is meant for the final video when it’s ready to upload to YouTube or something else. If you want to continue editing just do the File -> Save routine and you will be ok to later edit the resulting mlt file.

If you are new to video editing, exporting, etc. please see other videos available in YouTube not only related with Shotcut and understand what the video editing workflow is all about. It will save you some frustration.

I have been known to make bad comments in the past too and do not wish to be cut-off due to them either.

There is some merit in the fact that Edit > Cut/Copy/Paste can seem mysterious to a newcomer. After all, these actions only work with the Timeline. Obviously, they are operations that will result in multiple pieces, and you need something that can hold multiple pieces - the video player alone is not going to be enough. Also, if you simply open a clip, paste is not disabled and clicking it will open the Timeline (if not already opened), add a track, and put the clip on the track.

Now, with that said, if you just want something quick and simple or don’t want to figure out the Timeline, then simply use the Playlist instead and ignore Cut/Copy/Paste.

As for the clunky site, we are using the state-of-the-art in forum software from made by proven, successful forum software developers. If it does not suit you, then you might be more interested in the unofficial forums at reddit or Google+. I find discourse to be superior to every other forum software I have used going back 20 years beginning with a beta of Lotus Domino.

Using a no-reply to write to my mail address is very cheap.

I did try to write a couple of replies that were not antagonistic and made sense tonight.

They were cut off.

It is extremely rude to reply to my actual mail address (sure, I have two others, but the one you wrote to is cemtral to communication with several friends) from ‘noreply’. You may consider your own real troll-like behavior, if you want to reply to one of my few mail addresses, you can do it from your own.

Seriously, on your part, lame troll behaviour…

Wow. You supplied an e-mail address to the forum. The forum software notifies you of replies by e-mail.

You are the troll, and you’re now banned from here.

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