My project mlt files into shotcut directory


I put my mlt files into a directory into shotcut directory and I updated and the my directory “shotcutfiles” with all my mlt files are gone …

If possible next updates to prevent user created directory and just delete, update shotcut software directories :slight_smile:

thx in advance

I don’t know what operating system you use, but Windows already warns you when you try to add new folders in any of the program folders in Program Files. It warns you and asks to confirm your action.

Isn’t that enough clues to make you choose another locations for storing your MLT files ? :wink:

my point was not clear … trying to develop better

I added my projects files, mlt and images videos into shotcut directory

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\shortcutfiles

When I updated the shotcut to next version … the install exe removed my personal directory

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\shortcutfiles

and I lost all my .mlt and images and etc …

I needed to restore my google drive copy and download to my computer …

I want to keep the files inside the shotcut to prevent dumb deletion from myself :slight_smile:

Maybe you should find another safe location for your Shotcut files. If not, you will always have this problem each time you upgrade Shotcut.

When you install a new version of Shotcut, the Shotcut directory (including the files you added) is erased during the installation process, and replaced by a new directory containing the new version.

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thanks any way