My new intro

I created a intro using corner pin, elusien’s typewriter text like styled text (I was not getting the shadow in his website), and an online found copyright free video, blender.


Love it! :+1:


Excellent. I really need to up my Shotcut game!

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I have a decent amount of practice in editing, almost 9 years in some other paid softwares and I just started shotcut 3 months ago, I am also a newbie in this software, but as I have used some professional software I can make this in shotcut easily, but not everything as I still need to learn. By this time My total progress of learning shotcut is 5% increased that is now 52%.

You would also learn video editing in shotcut under 6 months. It is easy as chewing a gum.

Let’s hope so

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Hello new here with the latest version…what s the equivalent of the Corner Pin filter please!! I am getting mad :roll_eyes: Thanks if you could help !

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We’re here with some chill pills, Doc. :smile: The Corner Pin filter is in the same place it’s always been, assuming that the version of Shotcut on your computer is an official version from the official site and not some who-knows-what bundled distribution. Corner Pin is not a Favorite filter by default, so remember to click the “All Video Filters” button first:


Hello @DoctorJones, I posted the answer in the topic you made for your question.
Here is the link of the topic:-

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