My mlt isn't opening. Any help?

My MLT file has recently stopped working. It is now classified as a download in the downloads file, with a date of today. Shotcut crashes when it opens. Can I recover it?

The file is here, if it would be of any help. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.
d.mlt (202.2 KB)

Your project is so big that you are probably running out of memory. That combined with the fact that it was saved with the timeline zoomed all of the way in making it consume even more memory. I had to edit the XML to change the zoom level to load it on my machine:

d-fix1.mlt (202.2 KB)

Be careful zooming on this and How to Reduce Memory Usage

Wow, I never knew that timeline zoom affects ram usage, at max zoom I see 8-9GB ram but at the minimum there’s like 500 MB used.

Yeah, I have a massive improvement for this coming in the next version (not the current beta).


thank you for the fix!

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