My .mlt file fails to open


My OS is windows 7
I spend 10 hours to edit the video, saved, created a copy of that, and now i can’t open
Fail to open it.
Someone pls save my life


Attach your .mlt project file to a reply to the thread or in a private message.


NEWTRY.mlt (166.7 KB)


have a look pls


After trying to open it and failing View > Application Log reports:

[Error ] <MLT> [producer_xml] parse fatal: PCDATA invalid Char value 11 row: 2216 col: 27
[Info ] <MainWindow::showStatusMessage> "Failed to open C:/Users/ddennedy/Downloads/NEWTRY.mlt"

Open the .mlt in a text editor and I see on line 2215 and 2216:

<property name="argument">Does treating people equally have a positive impact on employee’s motivation?_</property>

The last character of your text filter appears as “VT” in inverse color in Notepad++. I think that is a vertical tab probably from some keyboard strokes. It is invalid in XML, and this is supposed to be encoded or filtered somehow to prevent that, but I need to figure out why it did not. I just deleted that character, saved it, and now it opens. See attached.
NEWTRY - Repaired.mlt (166.7 KB)


you are genius!! i had this issue when i tried to export it and eventually had 0 % progress i will try to export again on default settings. 264 high profile?


thank you bro indeed