My first video - please give feedback

My first video made with Shortcut, after spending some time fiddeling around and learning the basics. A slideshow to one of my former bands Maika performing a song, with live photos and some promo photos. 16 live photos arranged in rows and columns, using keyframes to expand pictures from their positions until they cover the screen and then back to their positions. Some additional photos with rotate and scale effects, and some photos sliding over the screen. Smooth transitions and zoom effect on the band logo. Please give feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! That is a unique approach to a slideshow that works quite nicely. I will add it to a playlist on the official Shotcut channel. Can you please correct “Shortcut” and “” in your YT video description to say “Shotcut” and “”? Thanks

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Oh, thank you, that’s nice. I have corrected the typo on YT (I’m a little bit tired, it’s 4 AM here in Norway…)

Nice idea to arrange the pictures in a grid before displaying one by one. A normal slide show would be a bit boring, but this works quite well.
I would do one thing differently: Applying a blur to the pictures in the grid makes viewing a picture in full size more exciting, since you would not be able to discern details beforehand.


Nice idea @samth

@Micronoise you could also put the individual pictures inside polaroid frames and slide them in.
Quick example below, and with a bit more time, you can make the slide smoother.


Thank you for the feedback. Is the polaroid frames in Shotcut? I could not find it…

No, separate png.
Attached below with alpha channel and drop shadow. (54.7 KB)

Ok, thanx.

Nice work! Give it a little more dynamic by faster moving the pictures an ‘smooth’ keyframes when the pictures become bigger and smaller.

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