My Christmas COVID Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas

My latest video, which will hopefully push my channel across 40k subscribers (~350 to go). Proudly 100% Shotcut.

Any constructive feedback is always welcome!

I generally struggle with setting keyframes at the end of a clip. I drag the cursor to the very end of a clip (clip with existing keyframes), and change the value of the keyframe - my intention is to set the final keyframe. But what ends up happening is the cursor automatically jumps a little bit back into the clip. Does anyone else experience this?


Very nice documentation of your trip! Seems you had a lot of fun with the staff! :slight_smile:
Do you live in Singapore or did you fly there for holiday?

Concerning the keyframe issue i am not sure. I can only imagine that it is a resolution problem. If resolution of the timeline is big enough you should be able to set the keyframe quite at the end, to the very last frame so to say. I used keyframes quite a lot and didn’t have that experience - maybe i didn’t care for that too much.

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I love your videos, but showing this one to my wife could end expensively. It might be worth it. :grin:

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Great video! Right down my alley. I would’ve loved to see more of what the entire buffet looks like so I can get the scope of the size, instead of just close up shots. Those large, far away shots are great establishing shots that add context to the close up shots.

As for the keyframes, I see that all the time. I find that it’s not possible to put the keyframe at the very end. you would need to place it 1 frame back (left arrow) from the end.

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It looks like the last keyframe is one frame away from the end of the timeline. But if you imagine that each frames is a little rectangular block, the last keyframe is actually pointing to the left side of the last box of the clip. If you could move it one box ahead, it would be beside the first frame of the next clip.


When it looks like the keyframe is at the very end of the keyframe timeline, it’s probably because the timeline is too zoomed out to show the individual space occupied by a frame.


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@stgtravels Very interesting video as always. But, come on… Only 3 Beatles ? :smiley:


Thanks @RilosVideos! I’ve lived in Singapore for roughly 3 years now. That’s a good point in regards to the keyframe issue; I could drag it to as close to the end as possible, without touching the end.

Thank you @Austin! Haha, In case you do show your wife and end up going, I hope you have an amazing time onboard!

@bentacular - That’s a great suggestion, haven’t thought of it before! But after you said it, I realize it makes sense to give an overview first before zooming into the details. The more videos I make, the more I realize of how much thought has to go into something that the viewer would only perceive if it’s missing. Thanks for the constructive feedback! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the explanation @MusicalBox. I understand your point, but I think what is happening is something different. When I drag the playhead to the end of the clip and change a parameter that is keyframed, the playhead “jumps” back more than one frame. Here is a short video to demonstrate:

Steps performed:

  1. Add size filter to clip
  2. Set initial keyframe parameters at beginning of clip
  3. Move cursor to end of clip (playhead stays at end of clip)
  4. As soon as I change a keyframed parameter (in this case I change the size of the clip), you can see how the playhead jumped back
  5. I then manually move the playhead between the end of the clip and the position the keyframe was set at to show that there are many framed in between

This issue does not appear to be related to the size filter; I’ve experienced it with other filters as well.

Est-ce pareil lorsque vous déplacez la playhead à la fin du clip en utilisant ce bouton?

Is it the same when you move the playhead to the end of the clip using this button?

Capture d’écran 2021-02-28 à 14.16.07

No! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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