Music video - Prodigious

Hi there,

I wrote this piece a couple of years ago, probably around the time I saw The Prodigy in Sydney (just before dear Keith’s demise). And the video footage just begged to be used.



Hello, what is the filter at 1:30 ?

Hi Pascal,

I copied the clip (which had the glow filter added) and pasted it to two higher video tracks, with each one moved 5 frames to the right. Then I adjusted the opacity of each - 20% for the first and %10 for the second.


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Hi @Noel , nice drumming. Did you program them yourself? I’m curious as to what music DAW you used and what VST instruments the drums and synth sounds were. Good work!

Thanks @jonray

I use GarageBand on my Mac. The drummer feature is one of the best aspects of GarageBand, because (apart from sounding very realistic) it adapts to the music you create around it. For the most part the drum programming is done by the machine, although it’s completely configurable, and that’s where the work comes into play.

The main synth I used for this track was the TyrellN6 u-he (TUC - Herbies Wet Dream patch). It really reminds me of the Prodigy’s sound. If you get your hands on Garageband, the drummer is ‘Funk Rock’ (Jesse), using the ‘Smash’ kit.

Nice work !

Cheers @Pascal_S

Thanks for the music info @Noel . GarageBand is truly exceptional.

I have that on my Windows Cubase. Time for me to revisit that sound!

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Nicely done!

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