Music video from the new album of "Us and Them" - Corona version

Due to the corona lockdown our band “Us and Them” had to cancel the presentation of our new album “Colours and Dreams”.
So we decided to make a video series on our new songs.

The main task was to join the separately at home recorded videos
to be shown in frames synchronously to the audio track.

I testet 7 open source video editors,
dropped 3 because they were too inefficient
and finally worked with 4 editors one of which was Shotcut.
Even if I at last did not stick to it, I can confirm that Shotcut
is a reliable, easy to use video editor with abundant functionality.

The video can be seen on youtube:

or on our home page:

My system:
Shotcut 20.04.12
Ubuntu Studio base on Ubuntu 18.04.4 bionic LTS
CPU: AMD A8-6600K, 4x 3.90GHz, RAM: 8GB


Thank you for the compliment. I love the drum set. :rofl: I added this to the Made with Shotcut playlist on our YouTube channel.


I liked the song. The video was great. :+1:
Is the beer there in the foreground as a sponsor?
Jokes aside, good job. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Damn ! You have good songs !
I love the humor and creativity in your videos.

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Also thank you for providing your video editor to make it possible.

Thank you for the compliment!

Well done. More creative than just simply showing all the performers (though there would be nothing wrong with that either)

I think the drummer is faking it though. I think he’s only pretending to play. :grin:`

But seriously I applaud the creativity of filming the drummer that way. As a drummer, I know we tend to make a lot of noise.

Thank you for the compliment!
Honestly, we were all faking in this video series, either with real or with fake instruments.
We did a new mix on the recorded songs of our new album and played to it,
but we did our best to play, as it was real, so that the performance is synchronous and authentic.
The drummer always reviewed the videos and pointed out mistakes, if something was out of sync, even with fake instruments.
This was one of the points, which were required and could be achieved with Shotcut.

Thank you for your nice comment! By the way: The beer glass is a souvenir of a good brewery in the home city of our band. Unfortunately it closed 1995.

Due to illness, I cannot drink beer, so I drink 0.0 beer (which is very popular here in Spain during the summer).
I liked the design of that glass. While I’m busy with my bass, (I’m just an amateur and not very good) I don’t have time to drink even a sip of water. :wink:

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