Multiple Timelines

I really think multiple timelines in a single project would kick Shotcut to the next level. Often when working on videos for clients, multiple iterations and reversionings are required, so having access to multiple (duplicate-able) timelines in a single project where all the media and other assets are collected would be an amazing win.

Also, separate source/program monitors would be a big plus!

I often run multiple open instances of shotcut with different projects, you can copy clips and filters between the sessions.
You can use an other .mlt projects as as clip in your project, but it would be nice to be able to open the embedded .mlt directly from the time line as a sub project and change something and shotcut will pick it up, but this is already on the shotcut roadmap

Great. Yes, it’s such a standard feature in all NLEs that it seems to be something that imho is really holding shotcut back from more professional real-world applications.