Multiple timelines/sequences

I know this was already posted before, but the topic is closed and I think is very useful thats why I’m posting it again.

There are many situations where can be very handy to have several timelines/sequences in the same .mlt project. For example, I’m a professor working virtual due to COVID, and I have to record and edit every class, so will be nice to create one weekly project with all the week classes instead of making one project for every class (just to mention one)

Also this can allow to send several edited files to a render queue to export all finished files with the same settings at once.

You can already do that; you can already change projects while jobs are running.

Regarding the original request, it is hardly necessary. You can easily switch between projects using the Recent panel. Enter “mlt” in the search box to see only projects.

Most people do not have enough RAM to hold open multiple projects. If you do, you can start multiple instances of Shotcut now. If you want to group projects you can use a file system folder and/or add them to a Shotcut playlist using File > Open MLT XML as Clip. Maybe it would be nice to add an Open as Project to those playlist items.

Otherwise, if I am going to add tabs to Timeline for this, it will still be stored as separate projects, perhaps with a folder. And closed and reopened when switching tabs to keep RAM usage lower.

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Well I suppose that you as developers have good reasons to avoid this kind of requests, but I still think would be very useful, specially to reduce the quantity of .mlt files and offer more order and control in the work of persons (like me) who have to create tens of .mlt projects monthly
I really like the work you are doing with Shotcut, I think is a very good free tool, and it fits almost all my needs, sadly I will continue to use another app like Final Cut Pro to work in my more complex needs.

Thanks for your time.

As a workaround or alternative to this, use your file manager and configure it to open .mlt files with Shotcut. Then, keep all your related Shotcut projects together in one folder. To avoid clutter, use sub-folders for media and companion files. All operating systems have a fairly good file manager, and you can choose a different one that you like better.

I think the only major differences, again, is how memory is managed, file/folder management, and window management. To keep multiple sequences in memory, run multiple instances of Shotcut. To manage files and folders, make effective use of folders and your file manager. To manage windows, use keyboard shortcuts to cycle them and the modern OS features of screen splitting and edge snapping.

I agree that these are good techniques. It would be a great opportunity for someone to create a tutorial showing some project management best practices.

There was a book from a YouTube channel telling the beat practices of project management, but not about shotcut, It’s of Final cut. The channel was named as Primal Videos.