Multiple Playlists / Tabbed Playlists

First off thanks a lot for all the time and effort put into this awesome software coming to us for free! I’ve looked at many video editors from free to §*%!iong expensive and was happy to find Shotcut in the end :slight_smile:

I do a lot of trailer, overview and music videos and there you often work with very short clips and tons of them for dynamic cuts and a lot of information and visuals packed into a rather short time frame. Having a few hundred clips in the playlist is the norm there.

Having hundreds of clips in one playlist makes it veeery hard to keep everything organized, no matter if you use the tiles, list or icon view. Therefore my hopeful feature request: Multiple playlists, ideally tabbed, would seriously rock :smiley: Is this technically possible?


This is on the Road Map as “Add ability to create additional playlists in project” but no ETA. I was planning to make a dropdown at the top to choose a playlist because there are already many tabs in places, nested tabs are not user friendly, and you would quickly end up having to scroll the tab strip after a few.

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If it’s not a problem from the technical point of view how about an option to choose whether you want to use tabs or a dropdown menu? I see your point about the dropdown being more comfortable within the program, but if you undock the Playlist and have it as a serparate window tabs would be heaven :slight_smile:

I am highly opposed to littering the app with many options and settings.


I respect this philosophy :slight_smile:

I know this is a quite old topic, but as it’s on the roadmap, and “needed” it today (really not as much as groups in timeline to let my audio and video glued together), here’s my 2 cents:
Why not allow user to create virtual folders in playlist ? I see some advantages:

  • keep the same tab, no change for beginners
  • allow to quickly navigate through clips and naming folders
  • allow tree like organization (not only limited to one level)

Many advanced audio editing softwares I used are dealing with this need in this way. What do you think about ?


Wow! Like grouping in Inkscape and alike! This would be really great. And then using them to copy, paste, move… I see a big advantage here.

I can see something like “clipname (group X)” or “clipname gx”, and/or slightly coloring clips groups… this is more the philosophy of a graphic design applications, I think, I have never used a propietary NLE application (except for Pinnacle Studio, ages ago), and do not have video edition experience. But it would be GREAT.

And the dropdown list, tabs, folders or whatever to keep playlist organized would be great too.

Clever sugestions.