Multipe audio tracks not showing up

ok so here are my audio settings from OBS

so now whenever i load up a recording on shotcut, only the audio input capture shows up. not the audio output capture and i cant even split them. i can only hear the input capture

You can only select one audio track at a time for each audio/video track in Shotcut.


For OBS, this might be a better approach. This way all audio is on track 1.

i still cant figure out how to edit two of the audio tracks seperate from each other

  • Open video file (opens in the Source tab)
  • Drag video to Timeline, this opens up V1.
    CTRL+U opens Audio track (A1)
  • Drag video from Source tab to A1
  • Click Video on V1, Click Properties, Audio tab, select track
  • Click Audio on V2, Audio tab, select track

Hint: you can add a clip to the timeline more than once.
@Hudson555x 's reply is more detailed.

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