'Multicam' capability?

I am considering using Shotcut to produce instructional videos for training and continuing professional development. The usual scenario will be to present utilising a powerpoint presentation from the desktop with voice over. I would want the option to also record video of the presenter from the webcam at the same time.
I therefore need to record simultaneously a video track for the desktop, a video track for the webcam and an audio track coming from the webcam or separate audio device.
There is various software out there for this purpose, but I foresee the need to utilise the more advanced video editing capabilities of Shotcut for post-processing.
Does Shotcut have this capability?


Open Broadcast Studio is better suited for this use case.

Hello and welcome,
in SC there is the possibility to record from a webcam or from a SDI/HDMI source, but only one at a time
Shotcut is not designed for multiple live recordings, but for subsequent film editing.
What you describe fits exactly the capabilities of ‘OBS-Studio’, which is free and available for all operating systems!

As the others said, OBS is better for the recording phase. But Shotcut is excellent for editing and post-processing. Shotcut also has export options that will produce much smaller files than OBS. See:

Thank you for the very useful feedback. I will review OBS and consider option to use Shotcut for post-processing!

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