MP4 Export Fail

I exported a video overnight using MPEG-4 (mp4).
Codec mp4, progressive, bottom fields first
I went to bed overnight, when I woke up - it said ‘done’. Upon playing in both Windows Media Player and Movies/TV App from Windows 10 - the audio is fine, but every couple of seconds the image skips/flashes multiple times. I saw at least one other post of someone else reporting the same thing.

When I double click on the exported file in the program, it plays fine in the program.
I now tried to export as H.264, it’s been 5 minutes and it’s still at 0% I don’t know if this is normal or not or what to do.


So in VLC Player it actually played fine and uploading to YouTube was fine too. Guess it’s just a codec issue or something with WMP.

YouTube re-encode uploads.