MP4 Audio stops off and on

My video plays fine from the app, fine when connected to the TV by HDMI but when I plug my thumb drive into the TV the sound starts then after 9 seconds it stops playing intermittently, most of the time but the video is fine. I’ve recreated the video a couple times with different audio tracks and the same thing happens. Thinking it must be the TV but why?

What filters & export settings did you use?

What does Shotcut show for audio Properties for your source video? Click on the clip, then Properties, then the audio tab.

Do you get the same “stop/start” effect when you plug the thumb drive into your computer and play it on there? If not, then it is almost certainly your TV that is causing the problem.

I used no filters and selected the default export choice. And it works fine thru an HDMI cord and on the laptop.

The TV cannot handle the variable bitrate for the video encoding. You can try Export > Advanced > Codec > Rate control = Average Bitrate and the default Bitrate of “12M” ought to work.


I do not see these option when I select EXPORT. I see all the Presets but not sure where Advanced is located…

See below:

That did not help but thanks for trying.

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