Movings (first video with 12 threads! :) )


I had assumed two days longer until the next video …
It is two days less! :slight_smile:

(The following refers to an AMD Ryzen-5 2600 compared to an Intel I3-6100…)

Working with the AMD Ryzen-5 2600 is so much more fun!

For example, five levels, several filters, at the same time, per level, including masks, colors, scaling, etc., everything smoothly and completely or really almost, as in the exported video.

Export, I’m not a ‘Tester’, three to five times as fast!
This video took 06:22 minutes!
And I also watched a YouTube video!

I think this CPU (65W TDP) is even more energy efficient than the I3-6100 (51W TDP). Because it takes much less time, at least it should apply to export …

Conclusion: It is a real pleasure to experience the twelve threads!

I currently have 16 GB of RAM … is (almost) too little! :slight_smile:
This video takes up about ten GB of RAM.
(Yesterday, during the export, I quickly closed the browser to have enough free RAM. :))

Now you definitely want to know what the result is. :slight_smile:

Lean back, relax and then let’s go! Movings !

'Til then…


Glad to hear that Shotcut is able to take advantage of your new machine’s capabilities and provide a more pleasing experience.

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Yes, sometimes things get better. Especially when I have 48 GB RAM. :smile:

Best regards

Good to hear!

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