Moving the separate "sound track" exactly (3 frames; 0.12 seconds)

I have separated the video and the sound track of my original video.
As the sound track is not synchronic with the video I now want to move the sound track.

To do that I click the sound bar and move the mouse. So the sound fits better to the video now. But the sound track is still two frames too early. So is there a way to move the sound track exactly 3 frames to the left? As I have 25 frames per second this would be 0.12 seconds.

Is there a way to do this? Thank you.

Thank you.

Set the playhead to the exact point you need using the “spin-box” at the lower left of the source player. Esure that snapping (the horseshoe magnet is on). Grab the audio and move it. It should snap to the playhead.

PS. It helps if you zoom in your timeline.

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Thank you.

This is what you have suggested me, but in other words:

  1. Place the video-cursor exactly to the place, where the audio track begins until now.
  2. Move the video cursor three frames to the left
  3. Mark all sections of the audio track and move them with the mouse enough far to the right, to get out of the original glue area
  4. Move it back to the cursor and let it clue (the horseshoe magnet is on)

Other idea:
In the meantime I have found out, that when we move the audio track with the mouse it shows us a message “00:00:00” . “-00:00:13” means, that now we have moved the audio track 3 frames to the left.

That’s 13 frames, not 3.

Timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF
FF = Frames

Oh yes, right. This was a typo of me. Thank you.

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