Moving the playhead also moves the video

I am using Shotcut version 20.04.12. When I got the new update, the playhead now moves video instead only itself. I have tried turning this option on and off, does not seem to do anything. Can I get some help here?image

Open the Timeline menu. The Center the Playhead option is probably checked. Simply un-check it.


if i want to move the white line in the timeline by pressing the mouse, the video shifts too

You can click and drag in an empty area of the timeline to move the playhead, or you can click and drag along the top where the time ruler is shown. If you click and drag on a clip, it is going to move the clip (unless the track is locked). You can also click and drag in the scrub bar of the Project player. Nothing changed in this regard in version 20.04.12.

Fixed the problem! Thank you so much!

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