Moving several paths at once

Is it possible to move several tracks at once? I made almost the whole project but I forgot to add half a minute video clip. I add it and everything behind this clip moves by a few minutes, unfortunately the second video track with effects and the audio track are in the same place as before adding the clip and each of the files on the other tracks must be manually re-adjusted, I would like to add the file on one track so that you can move the rest and not re-match each file.

Try enabling Ripple All Tracks.
Click the triple bars.


Great, it seemed to me that I checked this option and it did not work, but I checked it again and actually add a clip between the movies and all the other tracks are moving the same way. Thank you.

Is there any way to help in translating? Not all words are translated, some of which, for example, the one on the screen is only in English.

You can go to setting and change the language there if that’s what you want.


Yes, you can submit translations here:

Now, I want to make a transition in the middle of the movie and drag one clip to the other, but the other tracks do not move and everything goes away, even if I drag the clip 2 to the clip one, all of the clip 2 stays in the same place and breaks the length of the transition . Can somehow add a passage in the middle of the movie so that other paths do not go?