Moving clips becomes too sensitive - windows 10

I’m using version 21.09.20. I just edited a wedding video for someone just over an hour long and found that as the timeline gets longer it becomes impossible to align clips or create short transitions using the mouse. Initially it is very easy and basically I love this program. But as the number of clips grows and the timeline needs to be magnified more and more to see what I’m working with it becomes highly sensitive and erratic and I can’t slowly drag a clip to where I want it or drag it slightly over the previous one to create a transition - it takes off at high speed in either direction and I end up having to undo whatever it is that I just did as it either creates a really long transition or disappears off the screen away from it. Is there a simpler way of ‘nudging’ or 'bumping’a clip without using the mouse?

Have you tried checking the settings to center and scroll the playhead? Maybe one of those is getting in the way.


As a matter of workflow, I tend to keep an empty track where I can temporarily store a clip, zoom out, move it roughly to where I need it, and then zoom in to place the clip in a precise way on the target track.


Thank you very much Brian, that box was ticked. When I unticked it things returned to ‘normal’, now it’s easy to move tracks around again. “Center the Playhead” results in very sensitive settings as the track gets longer.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

As another technique, I find it helpful to position the playhead just where I want the clip to be, then (with snapping turned on) it is easy to drag the clip to snap to the playhead.

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Thanks, I tried that but it was impossible with “centre the playhead” ticked an an hour of tracks zoomed in.

Understood. Glad that Brian pointed you in the right direction!

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