Movie Rendered in a Square


another issue. When I render the movie and then open it, its in a big black square, with the Movie in the middle. The result is like the old cinemas movies on television. with black bars above and below the actual movie. Nice but I dont want that.

SC does not seem to react in changes of export size and the like.

Whats the issue???

PS: setting is to 1920*1080 and 16:9

Is that your import/video mode setting, or just the export/encode setting?

lemme check, it is certainly the Export settings, and all my movies that In include have that format too. If I am not mistaken, SC takes the size information from the first movie you import.

Not if you have specified a Video mode in >Settings.

Its set to HD 1080p 29,97fps in the Settings Video mode.

let me work with Windows 7 version more, and then we see, if all is about MacOS. Today I had short glimpses and none of the regular issues on MacOS appears to happen on Windows. Stay tuned!