Movie file converted from mp4 to MOV

Added some subtitle into a video using “VLC” player, but the audio of the original file is to low, so I loaded it into “Shotcut” to use the audio filter and raise the sound.
I got some notice never saw before. Attached screenshot. Did not do anything, left the program working. Ended with a real large .mov file.
What is the meaning of this, and how to deal with it.
Answers will be appr

Shotcut version 20.11.28
Subtitled file from vlc = 1600 kb/h, 1280x536 at 23.976 FPS.
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While looking if there is some answer to my question above, I noticed some mistake in my grammar, I wrote “saw” instead of “seen”. Sorry about that.

The dialog tells you.

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Thanks for an answer.
I am looking on the dialog, the first image, suppose I understand it, which I don’t. But I follow what it says. But what about the second image, what figures to enter there if at all.
And by the way, since the movie was encoded with “VLC player” (to add subtitle) on the same computer, and I believe all programs use same codecs, I still cannot understand why Shotcut cannot accept the video as it is and has to be converted. The video as it is, is playable in all my players.
Some explanation can help to make me understand what I am doing.

Doing a simple search in the forum with the term “Edit-friendly” I found this.

I hope this clarifies why that dialog box appears for that video.

Thanks for the answers and explanations
There remains one question still, what to do with the “Second image” in my first post.

That dialog allows you to choose which final format you want for the conversion. When that happens to me, I use the “better” quality which implies a “large” file size
With this, Shotcut will create a video file in an intermediate DNxHR/ALAC format with a .mov extension and use it for the whole editing process.
Additionally, if you have a preview and proxy scaling enabled, Shotcut will automatically create another lower resolution file to be used only in the preview, which will facilitate smoother editing.
You can learn more about this by doing a Proxy editing and Preview Scaling search.

The first dialog tells you that your file is not seekable. It does not matter that you created it with VLC and that it plays in other players. Shotcut can play it too, and players are not editors that require precise seeking. If you choose not to convert or do not wait for conversion to replace your file, then Shotcut treats a non-seekable file as a “live” source. The Source player actually says “live” where it usually shows the duration. A live source is like capture from a device like microphone or camera and has no inherent duration. You can still add a live source to a playlist, but you must supply a duration.

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