Move More Clips at A Time

I want to move a hole bunch of clips at once but i can’t. I had all my clips where i wanted them to be, i saved the project because there was a bug and i wanted to exit and enter the program,but when i open it again, all the clips are now to the right. I see that there is no way to move them all at once. ShotCut, in my opinion is the worst editing software. I spent 2 hours on my project and now i need to start all over because of a simple shortcut that all programs should have. It’s even named SHOTCUT so similar to SHORTCUT. The only reason i stay with it is because i only know how to edit on it. @shotcut, if you are reading this, i hope you have a bad day.

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If you want help on this forum comments like that are not going to do you any favors whatsoever.
Anyway, you can move a bunch of clips at one time by turning on both Ripple trim and drop and Ripple All Tracks. Here’s a demo:


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