Move and Size effect changes

Get rid of the size, scale and position effects because they are hard to use. I forgot which one it is but one of them requires you to drag the circle in the middle to move it, that is an absolute pain sometimes.

Please just make one effect which will let you drag the video anywhere to move it, and have a scroller that will let you change the size. I would rate Shotcut 9.5/10 instead of 9/10 if this simple but amazing change would be introduced.

I see posts on reddit and the forums of people struggling to get the video moved and sized to the right values, please change these effects I would be so happy.

Thanks for reading! :upside_down_face:

Get ready to rate Shotcut 10/10 because those features already exist. :slight_smile:

In the filters panel, there are slider controls with numerical text boxes beside them for each parameter that can be changed. You can either hover your mouse cursor over them and spin the scroll wheel, or you can click-and-drag the slider, or you can enter numbers directly if you know the exact dimensions you need. Unless I’m misunderstanding your post and you need something beyond that.

This feature is available in V 20.02.17.