More black background issues (?)

Hi, all. I’m a new user with extensive Photoshop knowledge and experience but no video editing. I’m trying to figure this problem out and not making much headway.

I’m trying to combine 3 or 4 videos and make them play concurrently, one in each quadrant of the screen (upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right). I add the videos to the play list and drag each one down to the time line to make a new track. I resize and position the tracks to play in the appropriate quadrants but the program is filling the area around the resized track with black. The result is that I can only see one quadrant playing. If I hide that, I can only see the next one down in the stack and so on. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.


OK, well… Maybe this is a non-issue. I just went and tried it again and it worked just fine. shrug I dunno, maybe the gods were just pissed at me last night.

I’ve had this issue a few times myself recently and it’s been reported on here a couple of times that I’ve seen. The only common thread I’ve found from my own experiences is that it only seems to happen to me when GPU acceleration is turned on, and even then inconsistently. I’ve abandoned a few projects midway and remade them from scratch without GPU acceleration and they’ve exported perfectly each time. I have now decided not to use the GPU acceleration since it causes me numerous crashes and export problems.