Mltwebvfx missing

What is your operating system? win 64

**What is your Shotcut version 201128

no text:html in filters
no mltwebvfx.dll in Program Files\Shotcut\lib\mlt

You don’t explain much about your problem…
From what you gives us to work on, I can only guess that you are trying to open an old project with the current version of Shotcut. Some filters, like Text: HTML are no longer part of Shotcut.
To open your old project, you’ll probably need version 20.09.13, or older

This is normal and not a bug.

The project is new and created with 20.09.13. Basically I was looking to create scrolling text. Is that possible and if so can you send me to a tutorial for the current version. I assume I need to use rich text but need help how to get it to scroll text like movie credits.

You did explain my issue well BTW since text:html is no longer supported.

You may close this bug report.

Here is a great tutorial I found on youtube

Scrolling text with Text:Rich filter.

First keyframe
Last keyframe
The list is actually 100 lines long, but for demo purposes I made the video a bit shorter.
I changed the size/font type, color of font all within the Text:Rich filter window.

J’ai essayé de reproduire votre demo.
Le titre en haut sur une ligne centré.
Puis j’ai inséré un tableau de 10 lignes x 2 colonnes.
Comment faites vous pour réduire la largeur de la première colonne ?

I tried to reproduce your demo.
The title at the top on a centered line.
Then I inserted a table of 10 rows x 2 columns.
How do you reduce the width of the first column?

I just copy/pasted from a text document.
No rows or columns set.



You’ll find one way to do that in this discussion:

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