MLT QT Module Compilation. What is the right way?

Hi. I want to try develop some kind of annotation (or basically drawing) functionality. I think simplest way to use QT Canvas paint for that in MLT QT Module ( as a filter.

What is the shortest way to compile QT module for MLT for windows? Is there docker container for that? Or how MLT releases build for windows works. it part of ShortCut build process or it separate build.

Just want to cut the corners, any jump right to the module development.

Before jumping into the code you should come up with a design and plan for us developers to ensure we agree because we may not accept it as designed and cause massive rework or abandonment. How will it be serialized and deserialized? How can it be animated? How will it be drawn by the user? Often that is the more difficult task?
To answer your question, no, there is no Docker for Windows container for this. You can use the Shotcut SDK and msys2. I am afraid I will not have the time to help you very much.

Thanks for the direction.

Right now i just want to play around. The simplest task to draw rectangle definned by user VUI Rectangle Control. And after that, think how to implement generic frameable free-form shapes (QPainter seems as solid base for that) and on top of it implement annotation frontend with all standard shapes (rectangle, arrow, circle, star and so on).

Right now im not shure what is the right way for transfer array of points from frontend to backend, just start from string array in parameter, like “x;y;x;y;x;y”. But anyway just want to play around and later come up with design (if any)

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