MLT files

In previous versions I could find in C:/Users/my name/AppData/Local/
some *.mlt files after making some editing, so I could restore some works if the projects were not saved.
Now in the recent version (and maybe some before) these files are gone.
Is there some setting to make these files remain until they are deleted by user.
Answers will be appreciated.
Shotcut version is 19.12.31, OS is win 10 1809 x64
PS. In setting unchecked “Clear recent on exit”

Hi, look in SC under ‘Settings’>‘App Data Directory’>‘Show…’.
You can change it with ‘Set’.

Have to go a few steps further.

Hello and Thanks.

  1. Tried to set as described in the first answer - nothing happens.
    Note: While program is running, the mlt file is there, but when closing the program, this file goes.
  2. Some more description to the image in second answer, please.
    Answers will be appreciated.

Here is autosave works:

You can start using the “Save As” feature. This way you can save have multiple save points in a mlt that you just simply rename each step of the way.

Thanks for the answer.
Well, as long as program is running, in the autosave folder there is a mlt file.
The same in the user’s temp folder. The moment I save the edited work, the mlt file from the autosave folder is gone.
And on closing the program the mlt file in the user’s temp folder also gone.
Sometimes I forget to “Save…” in the middle of work, if I want to continue later. That’s what the autosave is ?
Shell I go back to version 19.07.15 ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Every time you close Shotcut with X, Exit, or Close you get this dialog box ( If you have not saved your project ).
Once you click No, the autosave file goes away.

Seems like you going through a lot of extra steps by not using Save As to save your file to multiple locations.

This is by design. A past behavior where files were not cleaned up was a bug that you were exploiting as a feature. Shotcut does not provide any backup or revision control features.

Sometimes I forget to “Save…” in the middle of work, if I want to continue later. That’s what the autosave is ?

Autosave is to recover from a crash - even for an unsaved project. Shotcut already asks you to save before closing if you have not saved your work.

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