.mlt file disappeared/erased randomly

So, one of my .mlt files, which happened to be the most important one that I’ve invested the most time into, has disappeared from the file list on the Shotcut home screen.

It was there, but when I clicked on it it just went away and nothing opened.

I navigated to the folder on my computer where all of the mlt files are saved and it is there, but is 0 bytes in size and, obviously, does nothing when I click on it.

I followed suggested guidelines that worked for at least one other person about 17 days ago and looked in the autosave, but, oddly, there were no autosaves from the past two weeks there. Only old projects. It is as if all traces of my project have vanished. :frowning:

I had just spent some time editing a different mlt file, saved it, closed it, then clicked on the file in question when it vanished.

All other mlt files are intact.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

I love Shotcut. Other than it crashing occasionally (I learned to save quite often), it is massively powerful and effective video editing program for free.

I’m all about starting over my 15 hours of editing, but only if i know of a way to prevent this from happening again… or better yet, how to recover the file.

Regardless, great job on this project, Shotcut man (Sorry, I dont know your name)! It really is amazing, otherwise.

Running windows 7 and latest version of shotcut (downloaded and installed about a month ago).

That was a bug that was fixed.

You might be able to recover your file if you try using Windows restore previous versions on the folder where you saved your mlt.

Thank you, Sauron. The file was briefly restored using the “restore previous versions” method on the folder, but disappeared again when I went to open it.

By disappeared I just mean that the properties of the clickable icon for the file in the folder said 74kb and then i clicked on it to open it and Shotcut opened, no file, and the icon now says 0 bytes again. All other files appear to be unscathed.

Trying a restore previous versions again.

Should i maybe reinstall shotcut and try to open the restored file with the fresh install? It’s like my file is banned for life or something. Very strange.

Nevermind. After performing the second “restore previous versions” the file is still 0 bytes and this erased. She’s a goner.

Anyone know of a way I can make sure this doesnt happen again? I’m a little gunshy to invest time into a project knowing it can disappear at any moment.

Upgrade to the latest version. This is a known bug in versions older than 19.06

Done! Thanks for the help, gentlemen.
I was running version 19.06.15 when the file disappeared… just for your records

Are you saving to Dropbox or something similar that will lock a file immediately after creation to transfer it or back it up? See this bug that was fixed in version 19.07.15:

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