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I am not a computer wiz and I truly enjoy using Shotcut but I continue to lose files as I continue to edit. I am using the latest Shotcut version that I down loaded this month 11/20. Can someone please help me?

What operating system are you on?

Please be more specific about what you mean that you are losing files as you continue to edit?

Also, since you are using a beta version it would’ve been better to report about it in the beta thread here:

The poster did not say they are using the beta. In any case, a few times a year I hear people complain about losing files or they are deleted by Shotcut. Shotcut does not manage or delete files (except in the rare case of proxy media, which is not the case here). I have never experienced a problem like this in the 9 years while making Shotcut.

Sometimes, I think people are referring to files in Recent or Recent Projects and do not understand those things do not remember everything for all time, the info is gone when settings are reset, and it does not mean the files are missing.

Sometimes, people use temporary files - often from their web browser - and are then surprised when they are gone. For example, you can drag an image from a browser into Shotcut, save, and it stores something like: <property name="resource">C:/Users/_____/AppData/Local/Temp/9enkcl1j.bmp</property Don’t do that!! Download the image, save it somewhere sensible, and then add it to Shotcut (or any other program for that matter).

Sometimes people store their projects and media in the Shotcut program folder, and then they install an upgrade using the installer, which defaults to removing the old program files. Don’t do that!!

These are all examples of why desktop computers are too advanced for most people, and reasons why app stores, cloud services, and AI are becoming more popular.

The poster said:

That description sounds like the 20.11 beta.

I am using Windows 10 Pro and as I add to my video and saving to my thumb drive and then saving a backup to my C drive, when I return to work on it I see the video is now missing numerous files. They show up on my timeline though. I follow the instructions to double click the missing files to locate them but can’t find them. If I do find a file what do I do with it to get it back to my video. Thanks for any help

That’s most likely the problem. If the drive is mounted as a different drive letter on the second computer you plug it into, then paths will no longer match. It may be E: drive on your home PC, but look like F: drive on a different PC.

There are two fixes… 1) Design your project to use only relative paths, or 2) Use the Disk Management tool in Windows to change the drive letter to match your home PC.

The Shotcut “Locate Missing Media” tool will work too, but would have to be redone every time the drive is taken to a new computer. So it’s not a permanent fix.

Also, saving a Shotcut project does not save videos with it. If the videos are on your home C: drive and then you go to work, the videos are still at home on C:. They don’t get copied into the Shotcut project file or saved with the project in any way. They stay wherever you dragged them in from (C: drive at home in this case). It is up to the user to copy all the videos to the thumb drive to do portable editing.

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