"Missing Files"

Ok. (Long Story) First off, I had my video files and was adding some more to my playlist. When I added one file it quit the program for some reason. Then I would reopen it and try again, but it would still do the same thing. It was going to be the sixth one on my playlist. After that, I noticed that my clips placed on the timeline didn’t show the audio. I could still hear it when I played the video. If this has to do with anything some of my projects had separate audio tracks. I tried to put them back onto the video track, but this would not work. I then went from this to making a black screen template so I could add text to it and insert it into a video whenever I wanted. Next, I was going to get into my one video so I could put the black screen with text on it into a specific part of it. When I tried opening the file, it said that I had missing files from it even though I had used it within the past hour. Then I double click the file to “locate” it. I then try to open the new file (with repaired added to its title) and it still has the black screen and no audio. The thing is, the audio shows up in the video now except I still can’t hear it. This part (black screen and no sound) has happened to me about four or five times. This gets annoying when I put lots of time and work into editing a specific video and it messes up. It still has the edits and all but I cannot hear or see what the content is. I am using Windows 10 and have Shotcut 19.02.28. Any help or anything? Thanks.

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