Missing Files for Blank

Sorry the analyzer tool does not really help much, and it is not made by the Shotcut developers. The latest version of Shotcut will ignore such “blanks” but you might see instead “INVALID” in the video. At least when it does, you can see the time code and go to that place in the timeline to fix it. On V2 at 00:16:44:12 you have a transition next to a blank area. I think that transition is the problem and should be removed.

I digress purely for interest but when I delete that transition (the INVALID does indeed disappear) but if I CTRL-Z, the transition is reinstated but the INVALID error then disappears. I then save the MLT with a different name (in the hope of preserving details of the DEL/CTRL-Z action), to make a file comparison but they’re identical.

Is there any additional logic on the DEL/CTRL-Z (other than the action to delete and reinstate (CTRL-Z))?

Had same problem but came up with an alternative solution that seems to have worked as I noticed all of my missing files were .bmp:

  1. Create a blank bitmap (.bmp)
  2. navigate to the folder indicated in the warning message (mine was in appdata so had to enable hidden folders)
  3. Save blank bitmap in folder
  4. rename bitmap to whatever name is displayed in the warning message

This allowed me to then reopen the project and export it with no problems that I have noticed.

Hope this helps.

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