Microsoft Store version of Shotcut keeps freezing shortly after start

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I bought the Shotcut program from the Microsoft Store, because I wanted to support the project and also found it convenient to always get automatic updates.
My problem is, that the M$ - software freezes a second after the start and I get a “Not Responding” message in the title. I checked the forum before I wrote that message of similar repots. Shotcut is always running once, according to task manager. I also tried to reboot the machine.
The problem does not occur with the downloadable version on the same machine, only the M$ version is affected (and yes, each is only running once).

I also checked the logfiles in


and compared them.
In the downloadable / working version the logfile tries to load the __untitled__.mlt. This line does not occur in the M$ Store-Version:

[Debug ] <MainWindow::open> "C:/Users/<<username>>/AppData/Local/Meltytech/Shotcut/__untitled__.mlt"

I also added the missing __untitled__.mlt in the path given, but this doesn’t resolve the problem.
Does anybody have an idea, what is missing?
Thanks in advance,

They are the same builds but packaged and installed differently. The current store build runs for me. The untitled file does not need to exist.

I just tested again, and version 21.01 (current at this time) works for me on the two different windows systems I have. Store apps have a repair function you can access by right-clicking the app icon and choosing App settings. I do not know what it does; it is a Microsoft function specific to store apps.

Thanks for the reply.
I already have repaired and resetted the app several times. And I removed and installed it serveral times, too. The problem exists.
But I can confirm, that this is not a general problem. I checked my old computer, the MS Store version works fine, there.
I also ran the troubleshooting tool I found in the settings for the MS Store, but this didn’t fix the problem, too.
I have now set an entry to the MS Feedback Hub, perhaps they can help. So far, I can still use the download version, which still works fine till a solution is found.
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