Merging two clips as one clip

I’ve a original video of 3 mins. I cut into two : first one minute and last one minute (removed the middle part)
Now how can i merge those as a non-split one clip?
Thanks in advance!

Once you split the clip and remove the middle part you cannot merge the two remaining clips.

You can save the project. Then create a new project. Use File > Open ML XML As Clip… to open the previously saved project. The clip will open as one unsplit clip.


Thank you very much. I did that but still don’t see the smoothness as it is noticeable…

If using sauron’s suggestion doesn’t work for you, you could export the two joined clips as one MP4 instead. MP4 or any other format you prefer.

Are you saying that you have a noticeable jump where the first ends and the second starts?

If so, then drag the start of the second clip over the end of the first.
This will automatically create a transition.

This is what the art of video editing is all about - creating good changes in a video.

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