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Good evening everyone. Suppose I have, for example, 3 different videos (A, B, C). I edited them and concatenated them in ShotCut forming a single video-Z. I exported the video-Z in MP4 format with sound in AC3 format. I used the TsMuxeR software to convert the video-Z into MT2S format and to create the directory structure of a 25 GB Blu-Ray disc. I recorded the video-Z on the Blu-Ray disc and watched it on TV through a Blu-Ray player. This works great. However, I would like to be able, through the remote control of the Blu-Ray player, to select which part (A, B, C) of video-Z to watch, as it is possible to do in the MENU of any movie on a Blu-Ray disc. I did this years ago, using Pinnacle Studio on old VHS videos of mine and recorded them on DVDs. All these DVDs had MENUS through which I could select the part of the video I wanted to watch. I expected that ShotCut would give me this possibility that Pinnacle Studio, at the time, offered me. Any suggestion? Thank you, Otavio

You’ll need to use some kind of software that edits dvd/bluray menus and make manual chapters, shotcut only deals with video files and what you need is not related to video directly.

I don’t know how tsmuxer works but maybe export 3 separate videos from shotcut and tsmuxer will automatically add them as separate chapters somehow?

Thank you for your reply, Daniel. The possibily to include menus was given, in the past, by video editors. Pinnacle Studio was one of them.I have searched for softwares (or editors) which create menus but founded no one till the moment. Thank you

People have recommended DVDStyler for DVD authoring. I have used it myself and it gets the job done. I do not know any applications that can author BluRay discs.

Thank you for your reply, Brian. The Blu-Ray directory structure is quite different from the DVD one. Thank you

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