I have edited the video in the timeline. So I do not have now the video in the source, only in the timeline. I have made a lot of cuts (with the key “s”).
I have not separated the audio and video track.

To synchronize the audio track I make now this:
Menu->settings…->synchronization-> Video Offset 250ms . Apply.

Now I have gone back to my timeline and have played the video again.
My expectation was, that the audio is now moved 250ms. But it has not changed anything.

So my guess is, that this “settings… synchronisation” does not work this way. It has another function. (?) But which? What does it? When should I use it?

Thank you.

That setting is a delay for preview only. It solves the issue of some sound devices (like external audio interfaces) that may have a delay from the time Shotcut says “play” to the time that sound is actually heard. This delay puts the preview back in sync.

It does not shift audio on the timeline. It does not create delay in the exported file.

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Thank you Austin

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