Menu Button should also hide the Panes

When clicking on “Timeline” or “Keyframes” Shotcuts shows the corresponding pane.

Suggestion: When a pane is active in the UI a click on the menu button should also hide the pane again. Actually the same as a click e.g. at View->“Timeline” does.

Use case: Some panes I only have sometimes active (e.g. “Keyframes”) and so it would be easier to only show them for a short period.

Already requested, but what it does today when you click and it is already open is that it raises the tab if it is in the background. Some people actually think the panel is missing from the app when it is in a background tab! And when we tell them today (or in the past) to click the toolbar icon that would no longer be reliable. You would have to click it twice: first one closes and second one opens it on top. There are no plans to change this. You can already easily close it in 4 ways (is that not enough?!):

  • close button in the top, right corner
  • View menu
  • keyboard shortcut
  • right click main menu, toolbar, or any panel title bar

Its just a suggestion, no worries.

I have the pane titles hidden, so I cannot press the close buttons. I think I then just need to learn the shortcuts.