Melbourne December Strawberry Picking (Cinematic trailer effects)

This is a quick editing (made in about an hour without planning), and it’s my 3rd video made with shotcut.

Reply if you simply like it or you think somewhere I could do it better.

Merry xmas and happy new year guys!


I’m calling it: The best trailer for picking strawberries ever made! :grin:


@DRM you are a no way dude you are on this forum like 24x7 :smile:

I don’t believe myself that I made a video like this in about 10 days part-time poking Shotcut. (I thought this would take years of professionally learning video editing in a university or something)

But since I learn to edit, I am so upset with my shooting skills now. Life can never be perfect.

I love it ! I like how the editing and the choice of effects perfectly fits the music. In my opinion the only weak point, and it’s not a big thing, is the choice of fonts for the titles. Aside from that, good job !

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Fresh! :smile:

Best regards

Hey, that’s great - fruit picking with attitude !:laughing::+1: Nice editing.The young lady is so pleased with her pickings at 1:16 - I bet those strawberries didn’t last long!!

Hi @KKnBB - I was just thinking, maybe a touch of saturation applied to the whole video would make the colours a bit more vibrant? Here is a comparison between 0% and 153% saturation:

If you didn’t know you can apply filters to just the track head and the effect applied to the whole track:

This is just as suggestion - depends on personal taste of course !! :smile:

PS You can also play around with the sharpness filter…

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