Maybe Set The Default For The Limiter Filter To -0.1 dB?

I was reading this article about how to use Limiters in audio mixing and in the third section it says:

Start by setting the output ceiling to -0.2 or -0.1 dBFS (never to 0.0, or intersample peaks will sneak through and cause distortion on consumer playback devices) and a very low threshold of around -0.5 or so.

While Shotcut’s Limiter has dB as the measurement while this part of the article uses the dBFS, I assume that the Limit parameter in Shotcut is the equivalent of the output ceiling it speaks of there. Looking at Shotcut’s Limit parameter, it is set at 0.0 dB as the default. From my interpretation of that section of the article, the default for the Limit parameter should be set down just one notch to -0.1. If someone who knows what they are doing wants to set it at 0.0 then they can but for most people who won’t know much except to add a Limiter maybe the default should follow the rule above?

If I am mistaken, then hopefully an audiophile who is reading this can chime in.